Mini Vinnes take on social justice challenge for charity.

St Patrick's Catholic Primary Blacktown

Our Mini Vinnies members took on a Water Challenge in an initiative to promote social justice and raise money for charity. Our Mini Vinnies members were able to raise over $600!

A very big thank you to the Mini Vinnies members for their initiative in promoting social justice with others in and out of school. We also thank all those who supported and sponsored our Mini Vinnies students.

In the Water Challenge, I felt happy that we, the Mini Vinnies, were able to raise over $600. We were able to feel what it's like for others who have to carry buckets of water.

- Saige D. (Stage 3 Mini Vinnies Student)

In the Water Challenge, we walked around the turf for the whole break, carrying a bucket of water. From this experience we learned what it's like for others to travel far just to get water.

- Savannah T. (Stage 3 Mini Vinnies Student)

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