Learning Enrichment

We recognise that every student is different and unique and as such we need to tailor our teaching and our support to acknowledge this.

Each student is challenged and supported to reach his or her potential.

We have a variety of support programs at St Patrick’s Primary:

  • Learning Support Teachers provide support in differentiating the learning for students requiring adjustments

  • Enrichment Programs, such as the Mathematics Olympiad, to challenge high performing students

  • School Starters’ Program to assist the transition into Kindergarten

  • Before and After School Care

  • Kindergarten Buddy Program between Stage 3 students attend events together and share learning activities throughout the year
  • Kitchen Garden project to support the acquisition of oral language skill through gardening activities within mixed age groups which also fosters the development of leadership skills

  • Restorative Practices Framework sets us apart from many other schools. We believe that the most profound learning occurs when healthy relationships are fostered between teacher and student and student and student. Restorative Practices builds, maintains and restores relationships and gives students the tools to manage their own behaviour and contributes to successful learning outcomes.