St Patricks Primary Blacktown Newsletters


Reading our school newsletter, St Patrick’s Bulletin, is a great way to stay in touch with all that is happening in your child's schooling.

It is emailed fortnightly on a Friday afternoon and archived below to read at your convenience.

Parents are encouraged to subscribe to our newsletter (by completing the subscription form), to receive all the latest news and upcoming events straight to your email inbox.

It is important that parents and carers read the newsletter and all notes carefully, as they are valuable sources of information about events within our school community and a means of communication between school and home.

  2023 Term 2 Week 3

Principal’s message, Faith Community, Birthdays, Library news, Assistant Principal’s message, Counselling corner and Office news


  2023 Term 1 Week 8

Principals message, Faith Community, Library news, Counselling corner, NAPLAN changes, Learning news, Blacktown Zone Swimming Carnival, Easter Raffle and Office news

  2023 Term 1 Week 6

Principal’s Message, Mercy Day, Family Week, Catholic Schools Week, Ash Wednesday, Faith Community, Mary’s Pantry, Library News, Counselling Corner, Learning News, St Pat’s Way, Easter Raffle, Office News

  2023 Term 1 Week 4

Principal's Message, Opening School Mass, Parent Teacher Sessions, Enrolments, Faith Community, Catholic Schools Competition, Safety Around the School, Counselling Corner, Year 4 News, Office News.

  2023 Term1 Week 2

Welcome Back Message, Opening School Mass, School Leaders, Kindy Parents Information Session and BBQ, Meet the Teacher, New Toilets, Faith Community, Free English Classes, Counselling Corner, Lunch Orders, Library News, Office News.

  2022 Term 4 Week 9

2023 Teaching Staff, New School Captains, Graduation Mass, Reports, Faith Community, Free English Classes, Kids On Keyboard, Library News, Counselling Corner, Office News.

  2022 Term 4 Week 7

Swimming Carnival, Faith Community, Kids on Keyboard, Counselling Corner, Office News.

  2022 Term 4 Week 5

Principal's Message, Faith Community, Home Learning Survey, WalkAThon, Office News, Attendance.

  2022 Term 4 Week 3

International Teacher's Day, Walk-A-Thon, Mission Week, All Saints & Souls Day, Mini Vinnies News, Socktober, St Pat's Way, Library News, Office News, Attendance

  2022 Term 4 Week 1

Principal's Message, Building Works, WalkAThon Fundraiser, Faith Community, Mini Vinnies, Mary's Pantry, Library News, Attendance, Office News.

  2022 Term 3 Week 9

Pupil Free Day & National Day of Mourning, Principal’s Morning Tea, Walk-A-Thon, Education Mass, Faith Community, Mini Vinnies Formation Program, Mary’s Pantry, Attendance & Office News

  2022 Term 3 Week 7

Father's Day, Walk-A-Thon, Faith Community, St Patrick's Kitchen Garden, School Counsellor, Library News, The St Pat's Way Update, Zone Athletics, Attendance, Office News

  2022 Term 3 Week 5

Feast of the Assumption of Mary, Voice of Youth, Book Fair, MQOF Parish Feast Day, Father's Day Celebrations, The St Pat's Way Update, Library News, Year 3 News, Wellbeing, Fundraiser-Walk-A-Thon.

  2022 Term 3 Week 3

School Photos, School Counsellor, Book Week and Book Parade, Help Your Boys Become Respectful Men, Faith Community, MQOF Parish Feast Day, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Liturgy, Mini Vinnies News, Library News, Attendance, Children Stay Safe Online Webinars, Office News.

  Term 3 Week 1 2022

Principal's Message, Toastie Thursday, St Patrick's School Song, Grandparents Day Celebrations, eSafetyparents, Attendance, Kids on Keyboard, Library News, The African Homework Club, Office News

  2022 Term 2 Week 9

Reports, Cash Cards, Pizza Day, RAT Tests, The St Pat's Way, Faith Community, Mary's Pantry, Toastie Thursday, TTFM, Attendance, Kids On Keyboard, Office News

  2022 Term 2 Week 7

Family Week, Staff Formation, TTFM, Pentecost Sunday, First Eucharist, Library News, School Counsellor, Attendance, Office News

  2022 Term2 Week 5

Lifted Live, Blacktown City Festival Street Parade, Celebrating Stella, First Eucharist, TTFM, Attendance, Office News

  2022 Term 2 Week 3

Mothers' Day, Secretary's Day, Toastie Thursday Continues, Mary's Pantry, TTFM, Book Club, Mini Vinnies News, The St Pat's Way, Library News, Attendance Matters, Office News

  2022 Term 2 Week 1

Mother's Day, COVID Update, Stage 3 Camp, Toastie Thursday, Caritas Water Challenge, Office News.

  2022 Term 1 Week 10

Toastie Thursday is Back From Term 2, Project Compassion, Holly Communion, Lenten Program, Caritas Australia’s Water Challenge, St Patrick's Book Fair, Executive Director’s Summer Reading Challenge, Cross Country/Fun Run 2022, Office News.

  2022 Term 1 Week 8

Feast of St Patrick's, Harmony Day, World Syndrome day & Flood Appeal, Project Compassion, World Water Day, Mary's Pantry, Kids on Keyboard Return, Library News, Enrolling for 2023 and Office News.

  2022 Term 1 Week 6

10 Things to do during Lent, Monica Fitzalan on The Today Show, Catholic Schools Week, First Reconciliation Registration, Project Compassion, Mini Vinnies Formation Program, Why Pray With Your Kids?, Caritas Australia Appeal, Library News, Office Updates.

  2022 Term 1 Week 4

Mini Vinnies Formation Program, Mercy Day, Shrove Tuesday, Sacramental Process, Library News, Book Fair, St Patrick's Online Communication, Attendance and Office News.

  2022 Term 1 Week 2

Welcome to Kindergarten 2022, Welcome to New Staff for 2022, Mercy Values, Mercy day Celebration, Arabic Sunday Mass, Sacramental Process 2022, Dancefever Multisport, St Patrick's Online Communication, Attendance, Office News

  Heading for 2021 Term 4 Week 4

School Principal's Message, School Academic Report, Office News, Upcoming Events

  2021 Term 2 Week 10

School Principal's Message, Student Punctuality, Important Upcoming Dates, Library News, Mini Vinnies, Office News, Upcoming Events

  2021 Term 2 Week 8

TTFM Survey, P&F Fundraisers, Parent Teacher Interviews, 2021 eSafety Webinars for Parents/Carers, Sacrament of Confirmation, Attendance, Mini Vinnies, Office News, Upcoming Events

  2021 Term 2 Week 6

Working Bee, TTFM, P&F Fundraisers, Exciting Developments, Faith Community, Staff Development Day, Attendance, Other School News, Upcoming Events

  2021 Term 2 Week 4

Working Bee, Kindergarten 2022 Enrolments, Secretary's Day, A - E Reports, First Holy Communion, Parent Representative Council, Library News, COMPASS Parent Portal, Attendance, Mini Vinnies, URSTRONG, Upcoming Events

  2021 Term 2 Week 2

School Carpark, Mother's Day Mass, Library News, Australian Early Development Census, Information Sessions from Carers NSW, Attendance, Mini Vinnies, Naplan 2021, Uniform Reminder, Year 6 Camp, Upcoming Events

  2021 Term 1 Week 10

Principal's morning tea, Staffing Parish Links - Sacramental Process, Library News, Library Housekeeping, Attendance, Mini Vinnies, Cross Country, Upcoming Events

  2021 Term 1 Week 8

Welcome New Families, St Patrick's Day Celebrations, Sacramental Process, Attendance, Carpark, Mini Vinnies - Project Compassion, Kitchen Garden, Important Upcoming Events

  2021 Term 1 Week 6

This Week - 200 Years Catholic Schooling, Mufti Day, Sacramental Process, Book Fair, Attendance, Carpark, P&F Meetings, Reading Challenge Winner, Mini Vinnies Project Compassion, Upcoming Events

  2021 Term 1 Week 4

Opening School Mass, Parent and Teacher Interview, PBS4L, Sacramental Process, School Banking, Zone Swimming, Important Upcoming Events