Year 6 Great Aussie Bush Camp

2021 St Patrick's Blacktown Year 6 Camp 01

Camp was an experience of a lifetime.

So many activities were not our cup of tea but we still had the greatest time there.

Mud run, when you hear that you probably think we just run through the mud but it was a lot more than that. We sang baby shark while half of our body was submerged into the muddy water. We sang from ropes, we went down the slide to mud and we got pushed out of our comfort zone.

We did way more than the mud run, we also went on a GIANT SWING!! We could swing from 20 metres up in the air and yes that might be terrifying but everybody was so supportive.

There was also a power fan and it was not a fan blowing in your face, it was climbing up 15 metres to get to the top of the pillar. Now you may be wondering how to get down well… YOU JUMP DOWN! That may seem scary and yes some took longer than others but again every person was extremely supportive and encouraged each other to have a go.

We also did canoeing and every boat was at war. Paddles were like swords, boats were like military vehicles and everyone got WET! Our last activity was Commando - it was students versus teachers and the teachers did not go easy on us. Our objective was to capture the hostages and to retreat them back to base.

Our overall experience at camp was phenomenal and if we had the chance to go back we would definitely do so.

Lastly, we would like to thank the wonderful teachers who gave up their time to give us this once in a lifetime experience.

2021 St Patrick's Blacktown Year 6 Camp 02

2021 St Patrick's Blacktown Year 6 Camp 03

2021 St Patrick's Blacktown Year 6 Camp 04

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